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Friday, December 10, 2004

U.N. Uses Ottoman Tolerance Concept as Model

Historical revisionism and gullibility are at work at the U.N. that wants us to accept tolerance as demonstrated in the Ottoman Empire as our standard today. Discrimination against and harassment of non-Muslims is the record of majority Muslim societies from the very beginning and the Ottoman Empire is no exception. In fact Islamic empires have several "holocausts" for which they can be held accountable. The Armenian Genocide is a twentieth century example that is at least mentioned in Western textbooks. Few texts mention the the invasion of India beginning in the year 1000. Islamic expansion has always been a bloody affair and the conquered are always given the option of conversion, death, or second-class citizenship, dhimmitude. This is the famous "Muslim tolerance."

The Ottoman Empire spread in all directions. Going north it went through the Balkans leaving us with the present continued conflict between Serbs and Albanian Muslims. Many cultures that nationalized into countries had to suffer under Ottoman rule: Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia, and Romania. The Ottoman Empire came to an end in 1924 with abolishment by Ataturk who created modern Turkey.

Why does the U.N. put forward this fantastic whitewash of Ottoman tolerance “as a model for present-day behavior?” Islamic law is clear as it mandates second-class status and institutional humiliation of Christians and Jews.

A report to the UN by John Esposito points out that hate crimes abound against even “moderate” Muslims, but he considers “the suicide-attack-endorsing jihadist Qaradawi a "moderate."

Meanwhile, the question remains: Why is the U.N., a body of highly educated diplomats and their aids willing to accept this white-washed version of the Ottoman Empire’s treatment of non-Muslims?

JihadWatch puts forth commentary and about this disturbing report.

Esposito, John L., Practice and Theory. A response to “Islam and the Challenge of Democracy”

UN Uses Ottoman Tolerance Concept as Model.

Boston, Andrew. A Wahhabism Problem.


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