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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

"Don't Profile Based on Religion," Say Some Muslims. Well, Guess What, That's What They Do.

It burns me up to hear the self-proclaimed "Muslim civil rights group" CAIR demand that profiling for terrorists shouldn't be on the basis of religion. As there are no other groups bombing and murdering in the name of religion other than Muslims, it is foolish to do otherwise. But CAIR's premise that religious profiling is out-of-bounds is hypocrisy for religious profiling is one of Islam's most heinous historical and continuous practices.

The Muslim world is divided into two groups: believers, Dar al-Islam and the rest, Dar al-Harb. The goal of Islam is to convince the rest to convert to Islam or, at least, to submit to Muslim overlordship and to pay the jizya, the tax non-Muslims pay. I might add that during certain periods of history, non-Muslims were not permitted to convert because the tax was necessary to support the empire!

Who is CAIR to make such demands? CAIR has been linked to terrorism and other anti-social behaviors. How can Muslims make such a demand as they are programmed to automatically profile for who and what is Muslim or not Muslim.

If Islam is inimical to non-Muslims, why should elected American officials such as the New Jersey governor listen to and follow the lead of CAIR? The end result will be our subjugation and perpetual religious profiling in favor of Muslims.


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