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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The Voice of the Caliphate

For months and years, dear Readers, we have warned about militant Islam's goal to re-instate the Caliphate that ended in Turkey in 1924. Headed by a Caliph, the Caliphate become an enormous empire, engulfing civilizations and cultures and was a threat to Europe on various occasions.

When Iran's Ahmadinejad states that "Our vision for world order is based on a new concept of God-worshiping, justice and addressing the sinful nature; our vision was met with enthusiasm at the United Nations," he was referring to the old vision of the Caliphate, the period of history when Muslims threatened world freedom and peace, much as they are doing today.

Apparently some Muslims feel confident that the Caliphate is soon returning for there is a newscast title the Voice of the Caliphate. An Internet video newscast "purporting to be a production of al Qaeda and featuring an anchorman, holding a Koran in one hand and a rile affixed to a tripod pointed at the camera, wore a black ski mask and an ammunition belt" is scheduled to appear once a week.

The origins of the broadcast could not be immediately verified. If the program was indeed an al Qaeda production, it would mark a change in how the group uses the Internet to spread its messages and propaganda. Direct dissemination would avoid editing or censorship by television networks, many of which usually air only excerpts of the group's statements and avoid showing gruesome images of killings.

hattip:Outside the Beltway.

The Caliphate came to an end in 1924 only to lie dormant as Muslims are a cultural body that adhere to each other no matter where they live. Their fellowship is called the Ummah. It differs from the Christian concept of a spiritual community in that Islam is a complete system that includes: religion, commerce, family law, politics, crime and punishment, personal conduct, and has a myriad of rituals that govern every human thought and action.

Al Qaeda, headed by Usama bin Laden, is only small group within a larger movement. As a reminder: their goal is to create a world Islamic system in which Muslims are supreme and the rest of us are subjugated as slaves, dhimmis, those that are able to have their own cultures and religions and who pay a tax called the jizya to support Islam. Individuals that thwart or fight against islam through word or deed are to be killed.

To sum it up: In the Caliphate Muslims would become the overlords, imposing Islamic law, Shariah on the rest of us as they have to many other cultures and civilizations throughout their 1350 year history on this earth. Thus, we the Voice of the Caliphate speaks, we should pay attention and take appropriate action.


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