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Monday, September 19, 2005

Publisher Says "Technical Error" Led to Omission of Part of Book Critical of Islam"

R..ight! That's what they always say. Throughout the centuries those that say anything critical of Islam, especially those that dare to put anything in print pay a high price for their audacity.

In recent years several authors, journalists, and others have been so targeted. The author Salmon Rushdie was targeted for writing "The Satanic Verses." At one time there was a $5 million bounty on his head. He is still under a death sentence for his writing as for the fact of his apostasy.

A fatwa of death has also been issued for Somali-born Dutch Parliament member Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Ali collaborated with Dutch filmmaker Theo VanGogh who whose throat was cut in street as reprisal for creating the film "Submission" that portrays the plight of women living as Muslims anywhere in the world.

A Finnish translation of her controversial book has a page missing, 'in which the writer sharply criticizes the founder of Islam - the Prophet of Mohammad."

The book is a collection of essays and interviews. The missing passage is from an interview with the Dutch newspaper Trouw, published on December 25th, 2003. The interview was part of the newspaper’s series on the Ten Commandments.
      Hirsi Ali said that the Finnish publisher of the book, Otava Publishers, had asked for permission to omit the passage, because it might be found to be offensive by Muslims.
      However, she did not give permission for any such omission.

Why did the cut occur? It's a mystery states the head of publishing at Octava's non-fiction department. However, the missing page generated a lot of controversy.

He says that the passage in question, and some others, were discussed intensely both at Otava and at other publishers around the world.
      "We deliberately took the line that we would publish all articles that belong to the book as they were."
      Norkola adds that he expects that erratum slips with the missing passage would be added to the copies of the book that have already been printed.

Also of note: "For safety reasons Otava omitted the name of the Finnish translator from the book. Translators' names have been left out of other versions as well. This is telling. Throughout the ages, anyone involved with books critical of Islam is put in mortal danger.

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