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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Blinding Ourselves with Mercy

Let's get really politically incorrect.

The tragedy to Pakistanis from the earthquake is considerable. No one denies that. It also affects an almost unfindable number of people in the moonscape of eastern Afghanistan. Almost left out of consideration is the extent of the tragedy to those in India.

While India is not the best of allies by a long shot, it is far better than Pakistan. Pakistan is Muslim and virulently Islamic. Pakistanis dance in the streets at everything bad that happens to us, in meganumbers. They love to shout "Death to America," burn our flags, behead, burn with acid, and literally worship bin Laden.

Mushareff is a typical third world thug who knows how to play Bush like a Wurlitzer. Bush calls him a "friend." Meanwhile, Mushareff pardons Professor Khan, protects bin Laden, will not tell us where bin Laden is, and will not let us go get him. His hand is always in the USA till. He will not end madrassas or training camps for Muslim terrorists. At root he is totally beholden to the Muslim rabble of Pakistan while appearing to be of the First World. Only Bush thinks he is as he portrays himself

If there is anyone in Pakistan who likes the USA? Please tell me who it is and how that person is still alive inside Pakistan.

Already Bush has thrown $50 million at Mushareff for quake relief. Where is that money going to go? Sorry, into whose pockets will that money go? Will the USA get credit or blame for the quake, for not helping enough, for not helping quickly enough, etc.? Remember, Muslims and liberals uncannily think alike in so many ways. The Imam Pelosis are already firing up their boilers for this Friday's vomitus within Pakistan and all of Islamia.

Private monies, materiel, and personnel should have no restrictions, should private persons choose to help Pakistan. Public monies should have all sorts of strings attached. This is a time to use that public money in a way that benefits the USA the most by dangling it a dollar at a time before greedy Mushareff and surrendering it dollar by dollar only after he concedes to just exactly what we want, and our list should be long. At a minimum, we want intelligence and some different behaviors, including the soma of bin Laden. Now is a good time to squeeze Pakistan for them.

Let me go on record right now to say that criticism of the USA for this earthquake from Pakistan and the Muslim cesspool world will shortly sound exactly like the Democrat Party post Hurricane Katrina. That means we will be damned mightily no matter how many or how large the altruistic sacrificial offerings we make to Pakistan. Only Bush thinks they are our friends, and it will be Bush who will be blamed for the earthquake by Islamists as well as Leftists. What irony!

So, if you are damned if you do and damned if you don't, the smart money is on doing what benefits you and disregarding your damners.


  • At Wed Oct 12, 05:41:00 AM PDT, Anonymous gravelrash said…

    It's very heartening to see this sort of analysis. More truth, less pc carping, and we may be able to get at the root of the problem. I have no problem saying it; Islam is a blight on all who it's shadow falls upon. (I just discovered this blog today.... many thanks for the work you have put in; may it free us all)

  • At Thu Oct 13, 06:03:00 AM PDT, Blogger Eleanor © said…

    The use of public monies should be strictly monitored. But another questions should be asked in reference to the response made by the nearby Gulf States and by other Muslim countries.

    America was Johnny on the spot with heliocopters and other aid paid for by the American tax payer. The Gulf States and other wealthy Muslim countries may send some relief through zakat, or the pillar of Islam, Charity. As some of these states have collected trillions of dollars in oil revenues, why haven't they spent these monies equipping rescue teams to be on the ready for such occasions? Why haven't they spent their money on architecture that could withstand earthquake? How about economies that would give their citizens the wherewithall to prepare appropriately for disaster?

    The answer to these questions is that these states spend their monies on Jihad. Jihad is fast, "violent," or slow, Da'Wa, or calling to Islam. Money is spent on Jihad because they expect the non-Muslim world to send monies simply because they "owe" Muslims this payment, the jizya, simply because they aren't Muslim.

    Although I agree that people should be helped in times of tragedy, we should give our help with our eyes wide open. We are being used today and someday these same people will come for us in Jihad.


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