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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Update on Operation Able Danger

Today, Rep. Curt Weldon of Pennsylvania was interviewed on Fox and Friends about new information regarding Operation Able Danger.

If you recall, we have considered this issue to be profoundly important for America's security and for exposing the fifth column within American government. Operation Able Danger was a special Defense Intelligence Agency (DoD) project of data mining, using a very advanced computer program which culled non-classified materials found nationally and internationally. This project identified Mohamed Atta and his Brooklyn cell by January 2000 and identified that the USS Cole would be attacked in Yemen IN ADVANCE of its arrival in the Yemeni port. DoD killed Operation Able Danger, and the DIA has tried to destroy the many US military personnel who worked on the project who have stepped forward to expose the internal corruption involved in suppression of vital information for our security. Rep. Weldon almost single-handedly has taken up the heroic job of exposing the perfidy.

This morning, Rep. Weldon reviewed the USS Cole situation, which involved DoD simply ignoring the warnings, but he added a new element. The 9-11 Commission blatantly ignored information brought to it by patriotic military officers who worked Able Danger, as we have noted. However, we now learn that it was from within the 9-11 Commission itself, via the staff of one its members, that originated the coverup of the USS Cole information which Operation Able Danger uncovered.

It should surprise no one that the finger points to 9-11 Commission member, Jamie Gorelick, the Clinton assistant attorney general who established the infamous "wall" that prevented the FBI, CIA, DIA, etc. from sharing information, thus preventing timely detection of the 9-11-2001 events. It seems that her chief lieutenant, someone named Schneiderman, if I recall Rep. Weldon correctly, that actively suppressed the USS Cole information from the 9-11 Commission.
Stand by for more information. Rep. Weldon will out the treason.


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