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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The "Religion of Peace" Strikes Again!

Teacher Charged With Mocking Religion Sentenced to Jail and Lashing.

Lapidation for adultery, amputation and beheading for "criminal offenses," and lashings for criticizing, oops, mocking religion. How did he run foul of the law? This teacher tried to tell his students about the "terrorism and its consequences."

JEDDAH, 14 November 2005 — The controversial case of Muhammad Al-Harbi, a Saudi high school teacher accused of mocking religion, came to a surprising end on Saturday. Al-Harbi was sentenced to three years in prison and 750 lashes — 50 lashes per week for 15 weeks. The lashes are to be given in the public market in the town of Al-Bikeriya in Al-Qassim.

A number of 12th Grade students, along with some teachers from the same school, filed a lawsuit a year-and-a-half ago against Al-Harbi. He was accused of mocking Islam, favoring Jews and Christians, preventing students from performing ablutions. He was also charged with studying witchcraft. At the time, he was a chemistry teacher at Al-Fowailiq High School in the town of Ein Al-Juwa in Al-Qassim.

“This is a very cruel sentence,” Al-Harbi told Arab News. He explained over the phone that the students who filed the lawsuit had failed the monthly chemistry test. “They asked me to give them the exam again and when I refused, they went to the principal to complain but he upheld my decision,” he explained.

According to Al-Harbi, the students’ actions were triggered by some Islamic studies teachers who used the students’ anger at Al-Harbi and convinced them to file the lawsuit.

The reason for the Islamic studies teachers action has its roots five years ago when Al-Harbi joined the staff of Al-Fowailiq High School after graduating from King Saud University in Riyadh. Based on his academic record and extracurricular activities, the school principal appointed Al-Harbi as school activities organizer.

Deeply disturbed by the explosions at the Al-Hamra Compound in Riyadh in 2003, Al-Harbi felt it his duty as an educator to enlighten his students and warn them of terrorism and its consequences. He went to great lengths by talking to students, hanging anti-terrorism signs around the school and speaking against terrorism.

“The Ministry of Education has recently ordered all schools to lecture students on the dangers of extremism and terrorism in general, but I was a step ahead of their decision,” said Al-Harbi.

Apparently Al-Harbi’s actions and comments against terrorism upset a number of Islamic studies teachers known for their fundamentalist beliefs. After the Al-Hamra blast in Riyadh, Al-Harbi copied an article, “Cavemen Go to Hell” written by Saudi columnist Hammad Al-Salmi in Al-Jazirah newspaper, attacking terrorists and extremists. Al-Harbi posted the article on the school bulletin board but it was ripped off and torn to pieces.

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  • At Wed Nov 16, 04:24:00 AM PST, Blogger Always On Watch said…

    Islamic studies teachers here in the United States would like nothing more than getting the teachers who haven't been brainwashed as to the whitewash of Islam canned. Teachers in the United States are already muzzled and forced into political correctness. No lashes YET, but getting canned from a public-school system effectively sentences one to the jail of unemployment in the public sector.

    I teach groups of homeschoolers and am self-employed so nobody muzzles me, but I've lost a few clients over my outspokenness about Islam--in particular when I've told teh truth about the Islamic Saudi Academy, which plays in the same soccer league as Christian homeschoolers. How smart is it for Christians to give their names, phone numbers, and addresses to ISA, which is owned and operated by Saudi and which has definite ties to Wahhabism? After all, one of ISA's valedictorians was Ahmed Abu Ali, aspiring Presidential assassin.

    Saudi's recent "commitment" to fighting terrorism doesn't extend to the schools in Saudi, huh? The schools there continue to "inspire" young people to embrace jihadism.


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