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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Learning From Each Other

The lessons of the effect of Islam that history SHOULD HAVE TAUGHT AND WE SHOULD HAVE LEARNED are repeated before our eyes in Europe: Islam has bloody borders and those unfortunates that have Muslims living within their precincts will eventually suffers as have all other non-Muslims that ever lived.

Hugh Fitizgerald explains how we must explore these anew:

The lesson of the death threats against politicians in the Netherlands is this: Learn from each other. Every other Infidel country should be paying close attention to what is happening in the Netherlands. Every other Infidel country should be paying attention to what is happening in France. Every other Infidel country should be paying attention to what is happening in England. Jahjah in Belgium, the imam of Venissieux in France, the Australian imams who rant about Infidels and about Jihad, the Finsbury Mosque people – and also the oozing, "respectable" and even knighted Sir Iqbal Sacarnie, the Muslims threatening the leader of a political party in Norway, demanding the police stay away from Muslim "zones" in Denmark, or in Malmo, Sweden -- this is all of a piece.

The Western powers must begin to dare to discuss, perhaps at meetings of NATO, the ideology of Islam -- oh hell, go ahead and call it "radical" Islam if you will -- which is surely the greatest threat that the peoples and governments that constitute NATO now face. Oh, and is Turkey still a member of NATO? Well if that inhibits discussion, then form a new group. But the very notion that one cannot examine what is happening worldwide, and especially all over the Infidel countries, is suicidal. (What happens in the Muslim countries, where all political discontent and resentments are naturally expressed in Muslim rhetoric, with appeals to Muslim beliefs, and almost nothing takes place without reference to Islam, is not the key problem for Infidels -- it is the Infidel world itself that is being subverted, in the most classic sense, from within).

Read the rest. Then make your opinion known to your legislators while there is still time. Don't allow them to make the same idiotic mistakes as have others throughout history and as are the Europeans as we speak.


  • At Sun Nov 13, 03:35:00 AM PST, Anonymous Danny said…

    Huntington's "bloody borders of Islam" are demonstrably wrong. More people were killed in Christian Europe. We are opposed not with religion, but with ten thousand or so terrorists in whom the rest of Muslims passively take pride, since they have no our reason for pride. And so interfaith dialogue is not a solution.



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