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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Don't Worry, Be Happy: Your Governments Knows What's Best for You

Stop Blaming the Messengers...So Say I As Do Many Others

We Live on a Screwed Up Continent

This time the messenger is Michelle Malkin who reports on the debacle of Minutemen and the Mexican government.

Could this be yet another example of the moving the major countries of North America, United States, Canada, and Mexico into an entity under a single flag such as what has happened to the citizens of the various countries that are "voluntarily" participating in the EU? "Voluntarily" because in referendums, most Europeans voted "no," yet their betters chose to go forward with the ratification of the European Constitution regardless of the feelings of their constituents who could, short of armed rebellion it seems, do nothing. How else can we interpret the fact that the DHS and the Border Patrol seem to be taking the marching orders from elements of the Mexican government?

Listen to "Building a North American Community" (audio file) listed under the sidebar: "Related Materials" at the Council of Foreign Relations and draw your own conclusions.

Citizens of all three countries are taking notice. In all three countries, not all are pleased and they are raising their voices in protest.

In the early years of the 21st century, elites in three nations — the United States, Canada, and Mexico — are busy creating a new political configuration called the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP). It would broaden and deepen the relationship between the three nations created in 1994 through the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) in dramatic ways.

The new architecture would include a free trade zone protected by a common security perimeter, within which goods, people, and capital would move freely across what had once been firmly established international borders.

First of all, it would require that U.S. citizens effectively surrender their citizenship in the independent constitutional republic founded in 1787. Unlike the USA, which was an organic outgrowth of a political system rooted in Anglo-Saxon laws, customs, traditions, and language, the political entity created through the SPP — in effect, the United States of North America (USNA) — would be a forced three-way marriage of wildly incompatible cultures and political systems.

The U.S. and Mexico are separated by language and have fundamentally incompatible political systems. Canada, riven with linguistic and regional conflicts, is hard-pressed to maintain its own unity, without the additional complications that would arise from an effort to join with the United States and Mexico. Lacking the natural affinities that led the original 13 states to create a constitutional republic, the USNA would likely be held together only through corrupt alliances among ruling elites, backed by undisguised force.

The main culprit in the United States is The Council on Foreign Relations, an organization that most Americans have never heard of, a controversial, unaccountable, un-elected group, a think tank whose members are creating major policy.

Members of every administration participate and regularly address the group as did Donald Rumsfeld on February 17, 2006. and again in April as reported in The World Tribune. According to Pew Research Center, "realpolitik" does not appeal to the American people: "moral principles should influence foreign policy decisions." However, when talking of domestic policy, naturally citizens of each country are driven out self-interest, sentiments generally not shared bythe elite.

Migrants from all over the Americas and the world are moving throughout the Americas and throughout the United States. Those that protest are labeled xenophobes and racists. They are demanding the right to be, in this instance, in the United States and the rights of citizenship.

Why aren't they demonstrating in Mexico or in Canada? A report issued by the CFR states that there is income, educational, and standard-of-living parity new the borders; the disparity exists at the extremes, away from the borders, and "it will benefit the entire community to improve those areas."

According to the report, Mexico is sending north those from the far south to work in America much as did Great Britain did during the Enclosure Movement of the 18th Century and did Ireland during the Potato Famine. Desperate migrants from across the sea were eventually absorbed into the mainstream; today's migrants are so interested in joining up and are demanding the right to maintain their cultures and languages within the borders of the host countries, whether they're Mexicans and Central Americans in the United States, French speakers in Québec, or, believe-it-or-not, Americans that have migrated to Mexico in search of a "retirement in paradise."

There is no need for demonstrations in Mexico or Canada. Mexicans know that, they understand the plan: in reality, the U.S. Government wants them, whereas, the Mexican government doesn't. Canadians understand their interdependence, but would prefer to be independent, and remain detached and aloof as much as possible.

Have you noticed that for decades the media has all but ignored the integration movement? They only snapped to attention when millions of illegal aliens became aware that, contrary to the unspoken plan, a few unhappy Americans want to assert their rights within their own country. The media romanticizes the poor, "abused, downtrodden" aliens at the hands of powerful and greedy Americans who wnt to deny them the human right of living and working in the United States, collecting benefits, and acquiring instant citizenship. Obviously Americans were not supposed to take notice nor take issue. But we have and we do and so objecting citizens of all three countries.

"Don't worry, be happy: Integration is necessaary and is best. Eventually you'll come to like it." Citizens of all three countries are taking notice and don't like what they see and are angry that their governments are telling them not to believe their lying eyes.

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