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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Dympha Tells Tales on the Lack of Inventiveness and Rigidity of Islam

No, they invent things, they borrow and adapt them for decadence and violence.

Why? Too much wealth and too much sloth? (Except, of course, for war, self-indulgence, and the spread of religion...No?)

Read the story of "conversation with the Saudi Nurse in 1985," a real eye-opener.

Then there's the sad tale of the corporal punishment for a little boy in a madrassa who "failed to wash his feet."

But those are "cultural differences," aren't they!

Here's a story of an adaptation of a Western invention-- the flying drone:

AFP has an interesting, unsigned piece on an emerging terrorist threat: radio-controlled aircraft and small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). They are readily available, relatively easy to build and operate, and extremely difficult to detect. In the hands of a terrorist organization, these “flying robots” could be used to deliver a small explosive device--or a chemical or biological payload--against “soft” targets.

As the article notes, some terrorists are already exploring this technology. Hizballah has obtained a small fleet of UAVs from Iran, and flew one over northern Israel on 11 April 2005. A videotape of the flight reportedly aired on a Hizballah TV station in Lebanon, and Israeli defense sources have reportedly confirmed a second flight as well. In both cases, the Israeli Air Force (IAF) was unaware of the intrusion until the UAV was well inside Israel’s airspace, and had been sighted by ground observers. These flight(s) represented a major psychological and propaganda for Hizballah, which (until now) had no effective means of challenging the IAF’s control of the Israeli skies.

With their small size (a wing span of five meters or less), use of lightweight materials, slow operating speeds and the ability to operate at low altitude, these remotely-piloted aircraft are almost impossible to detect on radar. Most of these devices have a radar cross-section that is miniscule; additionally, the “velocity gate” feature of most surveillance and target-tracking radars automatically eliminate targets operating at slow speeds, so a terrorist UAV, hang-glider or hobby aircraft would never appear on the screen--even if the radar managed to detect it.

This gives new meaning to the term "incoming." Something else to worry about.

The raison d'être of Palestine is "the obliteration of Israel; Islamic triumphalism is the reason for existence of tens of millions of Muslims throughout the world. Imagine all the creative energy that could be used to bring prosperity to Palestine and the rest of the Muslim world is they could beyond their "religion."


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