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Thursday, September 02, 2004

The Iranian Bomb

The Iranian Bomb, Frank J Gaffney Jr. August 31, 2004


Frank Gaffney is one of those experts well worth paying attention to. In this article, he says, in part, "...A nation that genuinely should head the list of America’s foes: the terrorist-sponsoring, nuclear-arming and ballistic missile- wielding Islamist government of Iran. Strategic analyst Steven Daskal recently offered a reminder of the peril posed by Iran: 'While the Islamic Republic of Iran as a state is technically not at war with the U.S., Ayatollah Khomeini's fatwa calling for total war by all Shi'ites, regardless of citizenship, against the ‘Great Satan America’ remains in effect -- it has never been rescinded, and in fact was expanded to include killing Americans as being a necessary part of a defensive jihad to make the world safe for Islam. Khomeini's pioneering pseudo-theology was later picked up by Sunni extremists, including Osama bin Laden.'”

A presdiential victory by the Democrat candidates most assuredly would result in 9-11 squared, within the USA. One of the Perfumed Princes, per the Gaffney article: "In remarks Monday [August 30], Vice Presidential candidate John Edwards said a Kerry administration would offer the Iranians a “great bargain”: They could keep their nuclear energy program and obtain for it Western supplies of enriched uranium fuel, provided the regime in Tehran promised to foreswear nuclear weapons. According to Sen. Edwards, if Iran did not accept this “bargain,” everyone – including our European allies – would recognize the true, military purpose of this program and would “stand with us” in levying on Iran what are described as “very heavy sanctions.”

Such weakness is incompetence. Instead of promoting peace, these people would invite destruction.

We have four big tasks for the remainder of 2004:

  1. Re-elect Bush
  2. Bring down Iran. Toppling by overt rebellion within Iran works well for me.
  3. Turn Israel loose and back her to the hilt
  4. Get full control on our borders and immigration

Then we would have peace, not Democrat co-existence and hand-wringing about when the baddies will hit us next.


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