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Friday, September 10, 2004

A Visit to KerryWorld

Dhimmi Watch: Muslims rule major Swedish city

To appreciate this article, you must go beyond the article itself and read the comments thread. The comments are as enlightening as the article because so many have been written by Swedes who are experienceing their Muslim infestation and its pathological effects first-hand.

Sweden is KerryWorld. What you read here paints the picture of the type of country Democrat Party presidential candidate, John Fonda Kerry, and his fellow liberal-socialist-communist travelers, would have us have in the USA. Sweden has paralyzed itself. It has perfected political correctness, epistemological relativism, moral relativism, cultural relativism, and multiculturalism. Sweden lives Kerry's ideals.

As a result, Sweden's government and society is fully prepared to surrender the vast majority of Swedes to the burgeoning minority of Muslim ingrates who came to Sweden to suck on the Swedish welfare teat. The nicest thing that can be said about this is that it is a mindset of dhimmitude: When you mug yourself, you're ready for servitude. Sweden will allow no Swede to impede the welfare of any Muslim. They come first, not Swedes. And, unless Sweden wakes up and purges itself of Islam and socialism, it will perish. It will be national suicide.

Sweden gives a snapshot of the ideals and vision of John Kerry. Read the article and the thread. Print it all. Keep it. Reread it. Pass it on. And don't let it happen here.


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