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Monday, September 06, 2004

School Siege: ISLAMIC TERRORISTS Had Precise Plan

The New York Times > International > Europe > School Siege: Russian Rebels Had Precise Plan

You have to dig for the evidence. Typically, the New York Times does not want to name the motivation of the perpetrators of the Beslan Massacre, and, as good liberals all believe, if you don't name it, it ain't so. They are not "rebels"; they are terrorists. Their identification is not murky; they are militant Islamic jihadists. Despite the soft-pedaling, even in this Times article, is overwhelming:

"The attackers - described by the authorities as including Chechens, Ingush, ethnic Russians and some still-unidentified foreigners...The attackers - believed to be members of a contingent led by Shamil Basayev {notorious militant Islamist}, Chechnya's most notorious and lethal rebel commande...Chechnya's separatists...[T]he militants believed to be behind all the attacks have managed to deploy cells of ideologues who spend extended periods organizing and carrying out spectacular, unnerving attacks, often suicidal ones. [T]he source and ideological inspiration for them stems from the grinding conflict in Chechnya, a mostly Muslim republic the size of Connecticut that has bristled under Russian rule for centuries. Officials have said the siege, like the other attacks, was masterminded by Mr. Basayev and financed by a man believed to be an Arab associated with Al Qaeda and identified as Abu Omar as-Seyf. While the extent of international support may be debated, the attacks bear some trappings of Islamic militancy. Officials here in Beslan said they had found notebooks with Arabic writing, and witnesses reported hearing Arabic exhortations, though the attackers mostly spoke Russian."

It was Islam, stupid! Islamic jihadists capitalize on any existing discord, dissent, and rebellion in any area. Areas of southern Russia have been Islamic for centuries. One need wonder nothing.

Beslan is the meaning in very practical terms of Islam. Islam must be named for what it is and fought to its extinction for what it is.

Meanwhile, why does anyone buy the New York Times? Think of how quickly these non-objective journalists and editors would get the message to clean up their acts and that of their newspaper if people stopped buying it.


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