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Saturday, September 04, 2004

Why Liberals Must Be Deflowered and Depowered: Beslan and the New York Times

The New York Times > Opinion > Deadly Stalemate in Chechnya

The NEW YORK TIMES shows us why liberals must be removed from political power and government, academia and education, military influence, and journalism.

Islamic jihadists took over a school in Beslan in Russia and created a havoc worse than anything the world has experienced in a short time. Liberal journalists have bent over to stick their heads up their rectums to avoid calling these fanatics "Muslims" and their ideology Islam. In their usual lying fashion, they omit the salient facts and commit the error of dignifying the monsters as Chechen dissidents or patriots "yearning for freedom." Those suffering from the mental illness of political correctness are a tiny bit braver, but resort to calling this the work of "Islamic extremists" or "radical Islamists" who have "hijacked" one of the world's "great religions."

Liberals are incompetent human beings, who are fundamentally treasonous with regard to freedom, unable to deal with reality as it is as opposed to their wishes, and who shortcircuit their minds in favor of their wishes and a desired outcome, instead of going where the facts and logic lead. They are the only group in the USA who bellow routinely about their patriotism being questioned, even when it is not. I always question liberal patriotism because I think being a liberal prevents one from being a patriot. My evidence is the wreckage of America under liberal influences and their response to current events. John Kerry and John Edwards are their poster children.

The New York Times is like a liquor distillery. It concentrates and bottles liberalism. To viz and to wit, look at some of their editorial comments from this morning:

1. "It's hard to imagine what the public reaction would have been here if terrorists had seized a school full of children, blown up two passenger 2. planes and set off a deadly suicide bomb outside a subway station in Western Europe or Canada."

What kind of crap is that? The Beslans caught one of the jihadists who took the school and killed their family members and lynched this subhuman. Americans would wipe out mosques, Muslims, and every influence of Islam. What is so hard to understand about that?

2. "It is only a matter of time until the killing itself leaches out of Russia and into the rest of the world."

What kind of crap is that? Do these liberals at the NYT not know even the history of Islam versus the normal world, over the past 35 years?

3. "But the terrorists' tactics harden the feelings of the Russian public, diminish international sympathy for them and make innocent Chechens the target of suspicion and fear."

As Homer Simpson might say, "Doh!"

4. "Moscow has responded to the Chechen issue mainly with force and intransigence. That has been politically popular among a majority of Russians, and it has undoubtedly been satisfying for Mr. Putin to present himself as a resolute, tough leader. The practical consequence, however, has been that an already dreadful problem is now very much worse."

What kind of crap is that? Putin and the Russians have been far too soft on their Muslim terror problem. The Muslims are making the case for genocide, and the fault would lie solely with them were it to happen. The NYT just hates facing evil with what reality demands to destroy it. The NYT wants Jimmy Carter, the UN, and John Kerry.

5. "A bold Russian reach for compromise is now the least bad option, but it is the one Mr. Putin is least likely to employ."

What kind of crap is that? Normal people know that one does not compromise with evil. Any compromise is total capitulation to evil. The NYT would have people negotiate the type of poison forced on them in favor, I suppose, of a more "sensitive" poison. Well, NYT: All poison is bad, in any quantity.

6. "Mr. Putin has successfully routed mainstream Chechen separatists under the republic's last freely elected president, Aslan Maskhadov, on the conventional battlefield. But that just created an opening for the murderous extremists who have been slaughtering innocent bystanders in recent days. President Putin has never been strong on diplomatic nuance. But unless he now opens a serious negotiating channel with legitimate Chechen leaders outside the Moscow-backed puppet government, things can only get worse. And if they do, Russia will not be the only nation that pays the price."

This is pathognomonic liberalism: "diplomatic nuance," my derriere. Islam should be extinguished in toto from Russia and all other lands by any and all means necessary, and as quickly as possible.

There are those who do not know the nature of Islam because they have been too lazy to read any of the excellent and crystal-clear books now available which give a no-bull-sh_t presentation. As bad as these lazy people are, and they have no excuse, there is a group much worse. This other group knows nothing about the real nature of Islam because it refuses to recognize the facts and refuses to learn. This is raw evasion. This group does not want Islam to be the evil that it is, and it is as evil as those who perpetrate these horrors on the normal world. Islamic apologists and all liberals belong to this latter group.

Liberalism has no cure. It must be prevented. That means we must take back education at all levels and restore reason and logic. As for liberals, they must be treated as though they had some terrible communicable disease. They require de-powering and total isolation until they all die off and can be replaced with uninfected pro-reason people.

Meanwhile, there is absolutely nothing that is too bad that happen to Islam, and it should be happening in the manner of a scorched earth policy.

Oh, what about the innocents, bleat the liberals? In Islam, there are none. If you don't believe me, pick up some of the great books out today by non-apologists for Islam.

One final, grim thought. Election of John Kerry will extend open invitations to Islamists to create Beslans in America. They fear Bush and Americans, and they must come to fear us much, much more.


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