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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Did The Wallstreet Journal Follow My Lead!
Not Really.I doubt that the Wallstreet Journal actually reads the musings of the PajamaPundit Brigade, but it is heartening to know that Claudia Rosett, a fellow at the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies and the Hudson Institute, and I share the same opinion as to the meaning of the content of Osama's latest video.
Osama and his pals may have lost their popular support and their effectiveness, putting them on the run, but we should not make the mistake that he and they have ceased to be dangerous anymore than would a rattlesnake that has reccently bitten. Just like the snake they will come back just as dangerous as before with renewed venom!
And al-Qaeda is one of many groups of jihadists that have vowed to kill Americans for the jihad is a "personal fight of civilian Muslims against civilian non-Muslims." The spread of Islam is their aim, using any means possible. Bombings, murder and mayhem are the most obvious ways, and our attention has been rivited on these while quietly they have been using other means.
Speaking of violence, Theo Van Gogh, a Dutch filmmaker, was murdered on the streets of Amsterdam just yesterday, Tuesday, November 2, 2004 for making a film that "decried the mistreatment of Muslim women." People are murdered everyday on the streets of big cities of the West, but this murder was carried out in broad daylight by a Muslim, a Moroccon immigrant that attempted to behead his victim with a knife that was tagged with Islamic scripture,laying to rest any possibility that this murder was not done in the name of Islam and for the purpose of quashing free speech and silencing Western critics of Islam.
It is a mistake to focus only on al-Qaeda. There are many extremist Muslim groups out there that are just as dangerous, with the same goals: death to those that thwart the aims of Islam, the creation of Muslim states in the lands of the West, the acquisition of the wealth of the West, the harnessing of the technologies and the human capital of the West, either through "reversion" to Islam or through the spread of the dhimmitude system, second-class citizens, and, finally the re-creation of the Caliphate that would engulf the entire earth, making all the earth submissive to Islam and thus to Allah. That's all.
They are willing to say and do anything to achieve the goals listed above. Thus, take Osama's supposed capitulation with a grain of salt!

Updates on the murder of Theo Van Gogh to be found at: JihadWatch and DhimmiWatch.


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