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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Election 2004: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

It is Aftermath Day, and I look around to see something resembling what New York City sanitation workers see following the New Year's Eve celebration in Times Square. Some of what I see is good, some bad, and some ugly. I did everything I could to facilitate election outcomes before yesterday, and now I want to paw through the debris to assess what happened.

The Good

George Bush won.
Tom Daschle lost.
Republicans gained in the House and Senate.
MY favorite state, Florida, came through like a champ.
John Kerry lost.
The Founders’ brilliance came through with the Electoral College.

The Bad

George Bush won.
Cloaca Country came through once more (Kerry states).
My second state, Washington, an upstanding member of Cloaca Country, reelected the stupidest senator and Democrats galore.
The good initiatives lost.

The Ugly

George Bush won.
Democrats have too much power.
Republicans have no spine.

It really looks like I am not pleased with George Bush winning. I am not, but he is better than Kerry. I voted strictly on national security, and I know Bush will exert efforts on behalf of America. I thought Kerry was too much of a coward and socialist sissy to stand up for America. I disagree philosophically with Bush on almost everything. Worst of all is his intransigent refusal to identify the enemy, Islam, and declare war on it formally, and throw everything we have at it to end once and for all this terrorist crap with few USA casualties.

Cloaca Country consists of the blue states which have seceded intellectually and philosophically from America. Vast expanses have become ideological wastelands, from Maryland north through Maine, from Illinois through Minnesota, and, of course, the left coast and Hawaii.

We have much work to do. We must start pounding on Bush, his cadres, legislators and bureaucrats, journalistic media and academia to shape up. We must give them no choice. We have an outstanding opportunity. In this blog and our website, we will pound ceaselessly with the ideas that should go, and more importantly, the ideas that should come to the fore.


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