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Thursday, November 04, 2004

FIFTH COLUMN ALERT: Democrats Hoisted On Their Own Petard

{First, a note to readers. After reading David Horowitz's Unholy Alliance, I can refine my knowledge of the Fifth Column in America to be the fusion between the neocommunists (including their many fellow travelers) and the Islamic Jihadists.}

Otherwise, consider this a cautionary note to members of the Democrat Party, particularly those who have not reached the irreversible stage of fifth column unAmerican anti-Americanism. My message to you is that you got snookered by your own on Election Day.

The "media" who were providing you exit poll data gave you, instead, propaganda. In an obvious effort to sway the electorate who had not voted in the eleventh hour, they promulgated lies. They alleged that the exit polls showed Kerry running away with the election. The actual election results exposed the lie. You got taken in badly by your own fifth columnists, and it shook your equanimity when you learned the truth. That sin should never have been committed.

Americans--Democrat, Republican, independent, or whatever affiliation--need a FREE PRESS, that is, journalistic media able to report all relevant facts and make clear what is opinion or editorial comment. This is objectivity in journalism. This election season, objective journalism became the rara avis, the scarce commodity, and possibly an extinct species. We all need objective media.

This is a great time to clean out the stables and get back to being Americans and not fifth columnists. I say that to all on all sides. Unless you are like an Al Gore, Jimmy Carter, Ramsey Clark, Terry McAuliffe, Ted Kennedy, etc., come on home. Come back to America. Let us differ. Let us restore the Loyal Opposition.


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