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Thursday, November 04, 2004

Now That the Election Is Over, We Need to Get Back to the Business of Fighting the War AT HOME and Abroad-Not Each Other: It is in our enemies' best interest to keep us fighting among ourselves.

Whew! That chore, the election, is finished and our guy won. It was a biggee. But there's little time for back-patting and self-congratulating. THEY are out there with knives sharpened, waiting for just the right moment. You know who THEY are: Our ENEMIES.

At one time the "knives sharpened" was a metaphor for confronting an ready to destroy us, but the saying has taken on a whole new meaning with the reality of beheadings and the murder of Theo VanGogh in Amsterdam just two days ago. Somehow I can't walk by the knife block in my kitchen without wondering if there's a terrorist waiting to spring out of the panty!

Enough already with the bad jokes and back to reality -- the "chore" of of the election is over and we Americans have awakened again to face the heavy lifting that is required to defeat the jihad, work on our overseas image, fix the economy, improve the social order, reinvigorate the moral code of America, redirect commerce in the past image of "the business of America is business," so that Americans are working for themselves, rather than for "an open world society," sorry George Soros, and to redirect the American political system. I'm that a few other tasks are left unmentioned that will be come to mind later.

As all good mothers know, fighting among the children must stop so that we can have peace in the family. At the moment, this is our most important task. National unity is an imperative first step to winning the war against the jihad AND our other enemies.

he reaction to the outcome of the election is mixed from the sublime to the disturbing. Rather than descriptions and naming names, suffice to say that we must, we will find common ground...or we'll go down.

The Revolutionary War slogan -- "Hang together or we'll all hang separately" comes to mind. For those that haven't studied that period of history, this refers to the execution process of hanging that was applied by the British Crown to criminals and traitors. The different colonies didn't much like the idea of working together as each was independent. The slogan reminded them that, if given the chance, the Crown would take them down one-by-one and would hang rebels, an often prolonged and painful death. Only together did they have a chance of survival against the much stronger British.

All Americans, Republican, Democrat and all others find themselves in the same situation today. We are strong and great only when we work together. A united world Umma of about one billion Muslims is dedicated to the spread of Islam that would engulf even us. And we have other enemies and "friends" whose interest aren't in line with our own. We don't have time for name calling and in fighting and personal pet peeves.

You got that!


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