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Friday, November 11, 2005

The History Channel Morphs Into The Corporation for Public Broadcasting

We really do not know who owns the History Channel, but, if it is not the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, we can be forgiven our suspicions that CPB owns HC.

What this gets to is the recent History Channel presentation of a two-part, mini-series, "Crusades: Crescent and the Cross." We made it through the two hours of part one, but we had to bail out about 15 minutes into part two and expunge all parts from the TIVO. So, this is a mini-report of our experiences with this mini-series.

The last time we saw anything this pro-Islamic and anti-Christianity as well as anti-West was a set of programs about Islam and Muhammad put on a few years ago by public television, aka, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Past and present productions presented extreme propaganda: Crusaders were ceaselessly evil and picked on peaceful Muslims.

One silver-tongued bullshit artist named Tariq Ali constantly referred to the Crusaders as barbarians, but he never once, in what we saw, even hinted at so much as a single negative about Muslims. To him, Muslims were victims. He extolled Islam as an advanced and enlightened culture, tolerant of all. It was too much to take since that attitude permeated the mini-series.

The script was as bad as any we have seen in a very long time. It moved GLACIALLY. It was worse than Fox News reporting the progress of a California hillside fire, one foot at a time, with a review every five feet. To borrow and modify a terrific expression from a guy we knew once upon a time, the History Channel managed to compress a thirty-minute program into four hours.

The cinematography should have won the Leni Riefenstahl award, she being the lady who produced those fabulous films for Hitler. Everyone associated with the Crusaders and the era from Europe was dirty, unhygienic, and lived in dark, dingy, and gloomy sets. The Islamist world was sunlit, airy, and neat.

The Crusades were the physical clash of sets of true believers who fully believed that they were morally right and were on God's side. Barbarism followed. Also, by the time the Crusaders got to Islamia, Islamia had killed off its philosophers and scientists, and it had ossified Islam into the rigid death cult it is to this day.

We have been unable to find one positive thing to say about this mini-series.

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