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Friday, November 11, 2005


Mr. President:

Most of the “explanations” of your current, very low approval ratings actually explain nothing. They are either excuses on one side or propaganda on the other.

Note how your numbers identically overlap Republican ratings, and vice versa.

If you want the explanation of why you and the Republicans are in deep trouble, as well as how to get back to proper numbers, ask us veterans. For sure, the answers lie outside the Beltway.

Summing it all up: Start doing what is good for America, and America will esteem you and the Republicans once more. More needs to be said, of course, than this.

First, for the Republicans in the House and Senate, read and follow the principles in
MEMO: From "Sunny Sue" to Republican Representatives and Senators. You could use these principles as well, Mr. President.

But, here is something special for you.

Two items are killing you: the borders and Iraq. For now, let’s deal just with Iraq.

Yes, you give speeches, but you still dance around identifying the enemy by misidentifying the enemy. WE KNOW that the ideology of Islam, call it a religion if you must, motivates ALL OF THE TERRORISM we are contending with. It is Islam and not some perverted, distorted, or radicalized Islam. If you can't bring yourself to speak the truth about Islam, please just say no more about it. We read, and we know the truth. We are tired of your carrying the water for Islamists who snicker behind your back about your apparent gullibility.

You must get back into the war, personally. Many Americans sense that you have washed your hands of the war and have put it on automatic. You never get mad, and it looks, we are sad to say, like nothing about this war is important enough to tick you off.

Here's a great place to start. A few days ago, Lt. General Tom McInerney, USAF (Ret), synopsized the situation in Iraq for Fox News:

Men and materiel continue to pour in from Syria, and very sophisticated IEDs (improvised explosive devices) pour into from Iran. Our troops are not allowed to cross the borders (Borders, again, W), and we continue to throw military personnel at these IEDs while doing nothing else to Iran, or to Syria.

Start getting back into the fight in Iraq right here. Let our troops go into Syria and Iraq ad lib, as needed. Start doing something about border protection in Iraq. For those Iraqi borders, here is a way to “git-r-done.”

For every incident against our troops, take out something of value in Syria and Iran. You need not use a single troop on the ground because you own the air. Think of Syria and Iran as target-rich-environments, with ports, rails, utilities, and many other, very obvious, targets. Do it each time without fanfare ahead of time or any comment afterward. Make sure these happen immediately after incidents instigated in Iraq by Syria and Iran. Ignore anything coming from the United Nations. Feign ignorance and unawareness if you have to.

Also, do one other thing: Overtly and publicly support the overthrown of the Iranian regime. Provide materiel, intelligence, and psyops to them. If the UN or anyone else objects, give ‘em the finger.

Your best measure of success will come from the words and writings of Democrats, academics, journalists, and the UN. The more they hate you, the better you are doing, and the more Americans will cheer you on.

GET BACK INTO THE WAR AND GET FIGHTING MAD literally. SHOW US AND THE WORLD THAT YOU MEAN BUSINESS, AND TAKE THE INITIATIVE FROM THE ENEMIES. your poll numbers will go up faster than the oncoming tide at the Bay of Fundy. Americans will see that we have the president back and that he is doing what is good for America.


  • At Fri Nov 11, 03:03:00 PM PST, Blogger Always On Watch said…

    Did you hear GWB's speech for Veterans Day? The commentators on Fox News blabbed on and on about how the President rediscovered his voice ("best speech since his 9/11 speech"), but again our President soft-pedaled Islam as he spoke about the perversion of a great religion.

    As you so aptly put it, Yes, you give speeches, but you still dance around identifying the enemy by misidentifying the enemy. WE KNOW that the ideology of Islam, call it a religion if you must, motivates ALL OF THE TERRORISM we are contending with. It is Islam and not some perverted, distorted, or radicalized Islam.

    Let's see what effect, if any, this latest speech has on GWB's popularity polls.

    PS: I haven't yet checked, but perhaps the White House web site has a copy of the speech.

  • At Sat Nov 12, 02:12:00 AM PST, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    As you note, GWB won't declare a well defined enemy. That mirrors US treatment of fascism. However, Communism was easier to attack. HUAC published excellent books like "Facts on Communism," which left no act of Communist barbarity out of the moral equation. If GWB wrote "Facts on Islamic Jihadism" he would have to include his "Islam is Peace" rhetoric, and pretend that those savages will willingly live under any other regime but Shariah tyranny. Unless somehow - and Professors Pipes and Spencer and this website are contributing - inherent aspects of jihad obligation become clarified, the West is blowing smoke. And this is tragic because good American leadership could unite Russia, China, Europe (no I don't write them off) India, half of Africa and all of South America against the enemy. And that has to be done, instead of setting Powell-Rice against regimes who are forced to repress the mortal enemy. Instead, Islamofascist scum are setting up only a few blocks from where I live. Their subversive reach has lengthened since 9-11, when US power should have caused it to retract.

    By the way, the 6 French political forums that I consult, all reflect pervasive defeatism. I foresee that for America unless the Republican Party conscripts GWB into ideological realism.

  • At Sun Nov 13, 11:41:00 AM PST, Blogger George Mason said…

    To AOW: I have developed an unpleasant autonomic nervous system response to GWB's speeches, which makes me tend to avoid listening to him. I had a similar reaction to Clinton, although for different reasons. I have never thought GWB was dumb, as the lefties try to hang on him. But, I have thought he is very much like his dad in that he is not at home with ideas and avoids them. This is a la 41's famous question: "What is this 'vision' thing?" I managed to catch the low point of this most recent GWB speech when he did a "Condi Rice" and sucked up to Islam.

    You may already have this link, given your incredible efficiency, but I have found this to lead to GWB's various speeches and remarks before the media get them posted:

    To Anonymous--in France, I presume. Thank you for letting us know about I wish I were better versed in French. I have to agree with what you have presented except for one minor point. I have always thought the academics, journalists, and Leftist politicians in the US were utterly blind to communism. They, in my experience, have been bloody hard on fascism and soft on communism. That distinction means little any more since they themselves have become quite the little fascists. As for the US approach to the Islamists, just thinking about it causes pain. The best we have (comparing Republican prospects with Democrats) is causing us more trouble and future catastrophe than helping. Our approach as a nation is wrong, wrong, and wrong again. Were they my choices to make, I would be very hardline and very pro-Israel--to the point of open alliances to accomplish everything from ridding Israel from the Palestinian scourge to providing carrier platforms for Israeli jets to take out all of Iran's nuclear capability. I would crack down on immigration per se and start a mass exodus of illegals and bad guys. Add to that a very aggressive program regarding Syria, Iran, and Saudi Arabia, not only militarily but ideologically. We would have more than three radio and one television transmissions.

    The Republicans over here are rapidly cutting their own throats and paving the way for the ultimate defeatists, the Democrats, to take power.


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