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Friday, November 05, 2004

Obstructionist Politics: The Judiciary Committee

It's started already. Some angry Democrats are "mad as hell," and are determine to obstruct President Bush's policies. Of course we exect respect to come from all sides, but we are now at war and must work together.

The Corneris commenting on the statements made by Judiciary Committee member Specter. His comments are of concern because Bush will have to make appointments at the Federal Judge level and on the Supreme Court during his next four years. Gridlock has occurred and many fine appointees have been turned down because of partisan politic.

The Senate Judiciary Committee will choose a new chairman next week. The choice of chairman is significant BECAUSE the chairperson makes decisions based on personal or party lines REGARDLESS OF THE VIEWS OF THE REST OF THE COMMITTEE. Obviously a chairperson unfriendly to Bush would not be helpful and would tend to be an obstructionist in this process.

Obstructionist tactics have been used by both sides of the aisle. As a citizen, I am tired of gridlock and obstructionism. We have a lot of work to do on the domestic front and we are fighting a war. I say, get with it and stop the partisan infighting!

Senator Spector HAS ALREADY made veiled threats regarding judicial appointments. Perhaps he would not be the best choice for chairman.

Check out the Corner. They can point you in the correct direction if you want to help by contacting your senator in Washington or members of the Judiciary Commitee.

If your state does not have a Republican on the Judiciary Committee, you can contact other Republicans on this committee:

Republicans on the Judiciary Committee:

Charles E. Grassley (IOWA)
Mike DeWine (OHIO)
Jeff Sessions (ALABAMA )
Lindsey Graham (SOUTH)
Larry Craig (IDAHO)
Saxby Chambliss (GEORGIA)
John Cornyn (TEXAS)

I have been troubled by "activist judges" that "interpret" the law as they see fit. The laws are made by the Legislature and not the judiciary!

Update: Senator Spector Ignites Firestorm of Opposition.Hey, guys, don't forget us, the PajamaPundit Brigade! For some reason they forgot to mention me and the other individuals that sent along an opinion.


  • At Sat Nov 06, 08:44:00 PM PST, Blogger GrannyGrump said…

    Arlen Spector was Attorney General in Pennsylvania in 1972. He looked the other way while "Dr." Harvey Karman performed dangerous, experimental, illegal abortions on a busload of minority women bussed to Philadelphia by the "Jane" syndicate in Chicago. It was a fiasco.

    Spector has a longstanding record of letting abortionists do as they please, regardless of the safety or well-being of the women he purportedly supports. There is no way this puppet of the abortion lobby should be put in charge of the Judiciary Committee.


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